4.1 Review and Modify

Survey parents, pupils and teachers to find out what is going well and what needs to change as your 1:1 project progresses. You should also review and modify policies and procedures as appropriate. Take time to reflect on the setup process, parental meeting and launch night in order to improve these for your next deployment.

As you work towards your next year of implementation, review the CPD needs of your staff. Consider pairing more experienced and confident staff with less confident colleagues and including ICT targets in PRDs. Remember than any new staff may need a session at the start of term in order for them to be fully informed of the aims and expectations of your 1:1 implementation. Further support and advice is available from the Digital Learning Team.

Finally, you may wish to revisit the entire 1:1 planning process. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is your ICT vision still accurate or does it need to change?
  • Is it worth re-evaluating your school using the Edinburgh ICT Self Evaluation Framework to measure progress? (It might even be worth looking at the NAACE ICT Mark)
  • With which group of pupils will you implement 1:1 next?
  • Are you making savings or do you need to be more directive with electronic methodologies and procedures?
  • Is learning and teaching progressing through the SAMR model?
  • Have new devices appeared which may be worth considering?

> Phase 1 – PLAN

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