2.3 Pupils and Parents

Organise assemblies and class discussions with the pupils involved in your 1:1 project, and with all other pupils. Make it clear that future implementations of 1:1 in other years will be dependent on the impact of the first project.

Communications with parents are vital in moving forward a 1:1 project. The purpose and expectations around the project need to very clearly stated and agreed by all parties. It is recommended schools engage in discussions with parents and learners at an early planning stage to ensure all local issues are addressed prior to rollout. It is important you give parents ample time to think about 1:1 and to ask questions.

As part of this, you may also wish to organise a specific digital safety event for parents. It is also worthwhile creating an FAQ document for parents and pupils, to preempt common questions.

FAQs Sample

In order to identify any issues and help evaluate impact later, you may wish to conduct a pre-implementation survey to benchmark expectations and attitudes.

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