‘1:1 digital learning’ is learning transformed through ubiquitous access to ICT for all.

In order to best prepare our learners for success in tomorrow’s rapidly evolving and digital world, all schools must aim to deliver two key objectives:

  • ICT is routinely and effectively embedded in all aspects of learning and teaching
  • All learners have personal access to ICT whenever and wherever it benefits learning

Current integration of ICT in learning and teaching is inconsistent – most schools have pockets of good practice, usually delivered by teachers with a personal interest in ICT. ICT should be a core element of all schools’ improvement planning and PRD/CPD programmes so that it is embedded in all teachers’ practice and there is equality of opportunity for all learners.

The traditional model of ICT provision, using only fixed labs of desktop computers, with limited access for all learners, is inadequate. Learners and teachers need universal access to ICT so they can use it whenever and wherever it is beneficial to learning.

In September last year, Cabinet Secretary Michael Russell announced a national Technologies for Learning Strategy with five main objectives:

  • to change the culture of the use of ICT
  • to improve confidence in the use of ICT for learners, teachers, school leaders and parents
  • to promote new behaviours for teaching
  • to deepen parental engagement
  • to strengthen position on hardware and associated infrastructure

1:1 digital learning helps meet these objectives by:

  • providing access to up-to-date, authentic information from a huge variety of sources
  • allowing us to personalise and transform learning and teaching using a wide range of digital tools
  • allowing us to extend learning, collaborate and publish beyond the classroom
  • improving home school links by increasing parental involvement in the learning process
  • helping develop the learning, thinking and digital literacy skills vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving, technology rich society.

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