3.3 Support

Once the project is underway and pupils are bringing their devices to school every day, it is essential that all staff continue to reinforce all key policies and procedures about digital safety, appropriate use, battery charging, device security etc.

This will be a very exciting time for everyone involved, but it is also a vital time for working through the novelty of having the device and staying focused on developing new learning and teaching pedagogies. Teachers should be encouraged to experiment with different ideas, share with others, and research beyond the school to find out what teachers globally are doing with 1:1 devices – the web is full of great ideas and resources (eg EdudemicFree Technology for Teachers, Edutopia). Schools should continue to set aside CPD time to allow these discussions and developments to take place, within the school, across the city, and wider afield using tools like Twitter.

Keep your parents involved in the project. 1:1 projects are a great opportunity to improve parental engagement and develop stronger home/school links. It would be worthwhile sharing progress and successes by newsletter or via your website. Consider inviting parents in for joint sessions with pupils to improve their awareness and skills.

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