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Safer in 7 Seconds – Privacy Settings and Social Media

social-349568_640inEQE Group have created free ‘How to be ‘h2b’ safer‘ 7 second instructional videos. These videos demonstrate how to enable privacy settings, block users and report abuse on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The instructions are quick, easy and include details for a number of platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android and web based sites. These videos are useful for pupils, parents and teaching and learning staff using social media.

Twitter for Educators

Teachers are increasingly bringing the real-time communication power of Twitter into the classroom to help students learn.  It’s also a great place for teachers to develop themselves professionally. Twitter has become one of the best places for teachers to collaborate, share solutions to common classroom problems, and discuss educational policy. Not sure how to get started? Have a look at this easy to follow guide.

Twitter for Educators

Remember that any official school use of social media in Edinburgh must be approved by the Head Teacher before it is set up and an assessment of risks must be carried out. Contact us here if you need any further advice.