Augmented Reality in Science: Elements 4D

Daqri have created a a great app which introduces the elements of the periodic table in an engaging way. Using six cubes, which can be printed and assembled for free, and the 20150206_110723000_iOSElements 4D app pupils will see elements come to life like never before. More recently the company have developed a series of lessons suitable for upper primary and high school pupils which demonstrate how the app can be used for curricular purposes. There is an elementary, middle and high school series of lessons available for you to try out in your classroom!

20150206_110741000_iOSA particularly powerful feature of the app occurs when two elements are allowed to react e.g. when Sodium and Chlorine triggers are placed next to each other they display the new compound, Sodium Chloride (salt). If you find this app useful in the classroom you may also like to try Anatomy 4D which brings some of the systems of the human body to life.

The Interactive Space Book

This free Interactive Space Book for iPad is available in the iBookstore. Alongside text there are photos, videos and sounds from the first explorations into space up to the present day – and beyond! The interactive content makes it accessible for many learners and could be incorporated into many different lessons. Chapters include Studying Space, Discovering our Solar System, Space Missions, Living in Space and The Future.

Designed to be read on the iPad but also able to be projected for whole classes or groups of students using the iPad VGA adaptor with a projector. This is also an example of a book created using iBooks Author. The author compiled it and posted it to the iBookstore to be available for free. We can all now become published authors using iBooks Author. Click here to find out more about iBooks Author.

Khan Academy iPad App just released

New Khan Academy App for iPad just released 11th March.

Alongside access to the Khan Academy online you can now browse all of the learning videos, over 2700 of them, in the Khan Academy App. In the App videos are downloadable for you to watch at your own pace with the option for watching with subtitles. You can also log in with your account details and the Khan Academy will track your progress.

To check out the App in iTunes click here.

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Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide a high quality education to anyone, anywhere. They do this through a free online collection of video tutorials, practice exercises and assessments. Along with an extensive library of mathematics and science resources (have a look – we haven’t seen so many video resources in the one place!), they also cover history, art history, finance, astronomy, economics, cosmology and computer science.

The Khan Academy is also accessible in the iTunes Store.