iPad Apps to enhance learning – Episode 7

Getting creative with Puppet Pals 2’: Episode 7 in the ‘Apps to enhance learning’ series available online today.

Following on from the highly acclaimed first series of iPad video tutorials, ‘Getting to know your iPad‘, we are delighted to launch our second series: ‘Apps to enhance learning‘. Each tutorial will focus on a specific App and demonstrate why, plus a bit of how, you would use it to enhance the learning experience. Our seventh tutorial is called ‘Getting creative with Puppet Pals 2’. If you missed our other episodes click here to catch up – there’s one on the original Puppet Pals…

Apple TV and Edinburgh

Apple TV Pic 2Apple TV is an amazing little black box that will wirelessly mirror what’s on your iOS device or Mac to a data projector or TV (getting rid of the need for the iPad VGA cable). It has huge potential for use in education and can enable greater interactions between learners and educators.

For Apple TV to work, Apple TV and the device you want to mirror need to be on the same wireless network. At the moment our wireless network for devices, LT_OPEN, will not allow this to happen and so Apple TV will not work in school.

The Digital Learning Team are working to find a solution that will allow this to be enabled. We will let you know as soon as we do.

Infographics – what are they and how to make your own!

Information graphics, or infographics, are everywhere. They are used to communicate information, often stats and other data, clearly and quickly. Infographics are effective because of their high visual element – they appeal to the large proportion of visual learners.


One example of a famous infographic is the London Underground map, but infographics can be found in journalism, on TV, for marketing products and services, for sharing information on social media sites and in education.

You can find fabulous examples of infographics at (we particularly like the ones about the Titanic, Twitter, the telephone and Joey Barton).

“They’re amazing, but I’m not a graphic designer…” Don’t worry – even the most graphically challenged of us can come up with an eye-catching result using one of a number of online infographic creation sites such as: easel.lyinfogr.ampiktochart

How could you and your students use infographics to enhance learning? What could be represented in this way? Let us know what you come up with and we will post some infographics that you and/or your students have made here.


App of the Week – Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals is the App to have for creating wonderful animations along with audio. Pick your actors and backdrop, even create your own characters from photos or drawings, and then animate away. Easy to use, hours of fun, develop literacy ideas and express yourself. Click here to view Puppet Pals in iTunes. (Also available for iPhone and iPod Touch)


Prezi is a great free online tool for presenting.  Teachers and students can sign up for an education account here. Prezi offers a unique way to create and share information and these can embedded in glow.

Prezi also has an app. which means that presentations can be created and shared on mobile devices.

Here are some examples of useful prezis others have made:

Prezi and iPad

How can we measure teaching and learning in mathematics

History: An overview of World War 1

The folowing film uses Prezi to discuss the changing face of education and pedagogy for the digital age.