Sumdog launch Snowball App

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Sumdog – their HQ is right here in Edinburgh!

Introducing Sumdog’s new iPad App – Snowball! Already used by hundreds of school students in Edinburgh, and millions of pupils across the UK and the USA, Sumdog is an online world of free educational games designed to motivate your students to practise maths, and now also reading and writing. These are now also accessible on the iPad.

Most of Sumdog’s maths games are free, however the premium games normally require a subscription. We are delighted to be teaming up with Sumdog to announce that “unique to the City of Edinburgh Council and Los Angeles School District, Sumdog’s next five premium games will be free on iPads.  The first of these games, called Kiteboarding, is set on the beaches of LA. Kiteboarding will be added to the Sumdog App available in iTunes before Christmas.”

We look forward to some exciting collaborations!…

Infographics – what are they and how to make your own!

Information graphics, or infographics, are everywhere. They are used to communicate information, often stats and other data, clearly and quickly. Infographics are effective because of their high visual element – they appeal to the large proportion of visual learners.


One example of a famous infographic is the London Underground map, but infographics can be found in journalism, on TV, for marketing products and services, for sharing information on social media sites and in education.

You can find fabulous examples of infographics at (we particularly like the ones about the Titanic, Twitter, the telephone and Joey Barton).

“They’re amazing, but I’m not a graphic designer…” Don’t worry – even the most graphically challenged of us can come up with an eye-catching result using one of a number of online infographic creation sites such as: easel.lyinfogr.ampiktochart

How could you and your students use infographics to enhance learning? What could be represented in this way? Let us know what you come up with and we will post some infographics that you and/or your students have made here.


Khan Academy iPad App just released

New Khan Academy App for iPad just released 11th March.

Alongside access to the Khan Academy online you can now browse all of the learning videos, over 2700 of them, in the Khan Academy App. In the App videos are downloadable for you to watch at your own pace with the option for watching with subtitles. You can also log in with your account details and the Khan Academy will track your progress.

To check out the App in iTunes click here.

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