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GTCS Professional Recognition in ICT to Enhance Learning

Worked hard over this school year embedding technologies into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience for you and your students? Reward yourself by applying for Professional Recognition in ‘ICT to Enhance Learning’ from the GTCS. “Professional recognition allows registered teachers to focus their CPD in particular areas of interest and gain recognition for enhancing their knowledge and experience.” Once your application form is completed and posted (and you met the criteria) you will be sent your certificate. We’re delighted to say that a number of teachers who took part in our ‘SMART Training Programme’ this year have already been awarded their certificates.

Click here for the application form.

If you’re not at the stage of applying for Professional Recognition just yet, the Framework for Professional Recognition: Advice and Guidance for Teachers (click here to view) is a great tool to use throughout the year to keep track of your progress. Great for use in PRD discussions and your personal planning. Professional Recognition is available in a number of curricular areas. Click here for more information about Professional Recognition.

N.B. To be eligible to apply for Professional Recognition you must hold full registration with GTC Scotland and should have completed a further two years teaching service after gaining full registration.