Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders @ Fox Covert RC Primary

Ciara and Lucy, Digital Leaders at Fox Covert RC share their experiences of the iTeach Digital Leaders Lab in this week’s guest post!

In our school everyone is part of a pupil group. This year our Pupil Council and ICT Group joined together to become the Digital Leaders. At the start of the year we had a meeting to discuss what we wanted to achieve. Some of the ideas we came up with were; creating tutorials on how to use apps, making sure our iPads have the apps they are supposed to have and raising funds for new iPads.

One of our first jobs was to use Meraki to download the apps we needed. Then we organised the apps into folders so we could find them easily.

We found out that iTeach were planning their first Digital Leaders Lab in Scotland and we were very excited. The day of the trip we had to get to school by 8.20am because we had to travel to George Watson’s. When we got there we had snacks and were told what we were going to do. Digital Leaders from Tynecastle High School showed us iPad tricks and tips in small groups. Then we had a Kidsmeet. Digital Leaders from some of the schools showed everyone one they use. We prepared a short presentation showing how we use iMovie and even prepared a short trailer.

After that, we split into two workshops and learnt lots of interesting things. One of the workshops demonstrated how to use a robotic ball called Sphero, that you could program using the app Lightning Lab. The other workshop was about how to create trailers using iMovie. Ten of the children in our Digital Leaders Group attended the training. We learned a lot and thought it was a very successful event!

At assembly, we shared our experience with the other Digital Leaders and the rest of the school. We are planning our own Kidsmeet to share more tips and tricks with all of our classes. We would also like to arrange some drop-in sessions to show people how to use other apps.

Check out Fox Covert RC Primary’s guide to using iMovie and sample their wonderful work below!

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are a group of pupils who support the use and development of ICT in school. The group can vary in size and be made up of children of any age (usually upper pupils in primary schools). The roles of the members may include the following:

  • Contribute to the school website
  • Blog on behalf of the school, individual classes or clubs
  • Share their ICT skills with classes, pupils and teachers
  • Heighten the profile of digital safety running whole school competitions etc
  • Lead lunchtime ICT clubs
  • Share up to date resources with staff i.e. app of the week, websites and creative apps
  • Share troubleshooting tips for iPad users
  • Carry out iPad house keeping duties i.e. clearing camera rolls at the end of term

phontoWith a growing number of iPads, pupils at Clermiston Primary have formed a Digital Leaders team. They applied and interviewed for the job and are supported by a teacher who helps them with the organisation of tasks, ensures members have relevant skills and meets regularly with the team. Suzanne Gilhooley, PT at Clermiston, used resources created by the National Grid for Learning Wales to help get the team up and running.

Download the Digital Leaders Pack to help your school set up a team. It includes information about the roles of Digital Leaders, how to get started, application forms and links to further resources. This is an excellent way to involve pupils in the whole school ICT strategy, develop pupil voice and skills for life and work.