Click View available to all CEC teaching staff

CEC teachers can now access the full range of teaching materials available from Click View.  Click View

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Extensive choice

We frequently update our secondary video library with original curated content. Each month you’ll see new releases pop up in the collection, all designed with you and your students in mind. A subscription is your all-access pass to ClickView’s original content and content from the world’s best publishers, plus ClickView TV and the Exchange, including BBC RES and The Shakespeare Archives. Find what you need for a flipped classroom, documentary experience or interactive student assessment in just a few clicks.

Curriculum-aligned confidence

To serve you and your students, we collaborate with a team of subject experts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing all our leading educational content is aligned with the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

Educational resource support

Interactive videos are a useful tool for formative assessment. Use them to create quiz-based tasks to check and track the progress of your students. Create your own or use an existing interactive from the collection. You’ll also find plenty of teaching resources, such as lesson plans, to support student assessment and save you valuable time.

Seamless integration

It’s so easy to edit video content and share it with your classes or colleagues. ClickView also integrates with your school’s existing VLE, including the ability to download, edit and embed accompanying resources. All our videos are carefully classified so you can show content with confidence in any class.

Access the entire platform from anywhere

You and your students can access our educational videos, content and resources from school, home, the bus, train or the tube – even when you don’t have access to the internet. Learn more about remote learning with ClickView.


HGIOS 4 – Terminology

HGIOS 4 – Appedix 2: Glossary of Terms (p 59)

Digital learning is learning which is supported and enhanced by a range of digital technology and approaches. It can focus on one or more particular technologies. It may focus on classroom use or anywhere-anytime access. It may include features and approaches that are used to develop independent learners.

Digital literacy encompasses the capabilities required for living, learning and working in a digital society. It includes the skills, knowledge, capabilities and attributes around the use of digital technology which enable individuals to develop to their full potential in relation to learning, life and work. It encompasses the skills to use technology to engage in learning through managing information, communicating and collaborating, problem-solving and being creative, and the appropriate and responsible use of technology.

Digital technology is the term used to describe those digital applications, services and resources which are used to find, analyse, create, communicate, and use information in a digital context. Digital teaching means educators providing and supporting enhanced learning opportunities through use of digital technologies.

Digital teaching means educators providing and supporting enhanced learning opportunities through use of digital technologies.

HGIOS 4 – Appedix 2: Glossary of Terms (p 59)