2.1 Pedagogy

Purchase and supply devices to all staff. It is essential that all staff have sufficient time to become familiar with the devices prior to launch with pupils.

When issuing devices to staff, they should sign an agreement outlining the reasons for lending the equipment and the risk/responsibilities involved. You can see some samples below.

Currie Primary Staff Acceptable Use Policy
HOTS Staff ICT & Acceptable Use Policy
Portobello iPad Agreement

All staff with a device should investigate the use of curriculum tools, software and online resources. Some staff may need some basic training – a series of iPad videos to help with this are available by clicking here.

As well as finding appropriate tools and resources, schools need to reflect on pedagogy. Initial 1:1 use may simply be about reproducing paper-based tasks electronically, but the real learning gains are to be found by how teachers augment and modify existing tasks and ultimately carry out completely new work that could only be done with a 1:1 digital learning approach. The SAMR model is an excellent way to reflect on this progression.

It is important to allocate significant amounts of time for CPD and sharing of good practice at this stage. The success of 1:1 digital learning is highly dependent on staff having the skills to make effective use of devices in class, to be able to deliver new approaches to learning and to manage the associated challenges that will emerge. The Digital Learning Team offer a range of CPD activities and are also able to offer bespoke sessions for schools. A suggested outline of CPD opportunities is available below.


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