Critical Literacy Online

As pupils increasingly use the internet as a source of information it is important that they learn to become critical consumers of this information. Educator Kathy Schrock suggests that pupils should use the 5Ws when evaluating any website.


  • Who wrote the pages and are they an expert?
  • Is a biography of the author included?
  • How can I find out more about the author?


  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • What makes the site easy to use?
  • What information is included and does it differ from other sites?


  • When was the site updated?
  • When was it last updated?


  • Where does the information come from?
  • Where can I look to find out more about the sponsor of the site?


  • Why is the information useful for my purpose?
  • Why should I use this information?
  • Why is this site better than another?
In addition to this Kathy’s site contains a compilation of useful resources for evaluating web content including dummy sites, information and lesson plans. It can be found here.