Creative Web Tools

Digital technologies can transform learning and promote creativity, whether using an iPad or web based tools. Don’t have access to iPads? Try some of these web based tools to ensure technology is integrated across learning.

Blogging is a great platform for pupils to publish their work to a wider audience, providing purpose and audience who can provide real time feedback. There are many sites which learners can use, however it is important to consider the safety of using such sites. School websites which use WordPress and have designated class pages would be an ideal platform for pupils to publish work, providing they have suitable parental permission in accordance with the ‘Photographing and Videoing of Pupils in Educational Establishments Policy’ (which can be found on the Orb). For further things to consider when establishing a class blog see here.

Comic Strips are a great way to engage pupils and an alternative to other traditional forms of  demonstrating learning. Comic Life is available on most BT Machines in Edinburgh schools, alternatively free web based tools can be utilised such as ReadWriteThink’s comic creator and  Make Belief Comix.

Digital tools for Mind Mapping can act as a direct substitution or collaborative tool to plan and explain ideas which would be traditionally done on paper. These tools are useful for lesson or topic starters/plenaries or to support individual learners when organising ideas. Some useful sites include Popplet, WiseMapping and Coggle.

Whilst there are some great apps such as Explain Everything for creating pupil/teacher tutorials, there are some web-based tools that do a similar job. A great tool to start with is EduCreations.

Digital Storytelling is a just one way to help learners develop literacy, communication and creativity. Sites such as Storybird act as a great art based stimulus for writing and publishing creative writing.

Web-based Games can be used to promote collaboration, co-operation and reinforce subject specific content. Useful sites for a variety of topics include ABCYA, InteractiveSites and CoolMathsGames.

Finally, the ability to present information in creative ways is a vital skill all learners should develop. Moving beyond traditional software is important for keeping a 21st century audience engaged! There are a number of web based Presentation Tools to help learners share their learning. Get started with these multimedia presentation tools PowToon, Prezi and Emaze.

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