Apps for Creativity

There are many content specific apps which can support and reinforce discrete areas of learning. These apps are often an engaging substitution/addition for games, worksheets and other teacher devised materials. There are a number of paid and free apps for all areas of the curriculum and the following websites regularly review the latest and best.

In contrast, creative apps support a redefinition in learning and teaching, allowing pupils to create and teachers to deliver content in ways which would be previously inconceivable. A further advantage of these types of apps is that they can be easily applied across the curriculum and can be used by small groups. For tutorials and lesson ideas browse this collection of creative app resources.

Challenge Based Learning is a great way to promote creativity and utilise creative apps. It can work in a 1:1 environment and where there is limited access to iPads and computers. For a summary of the approach see the following document.

To evaluate the impact of these apps on learning, you and your pupils may find the following useful: