PC & Online Resources

The latest Technologies (3-18) Impact Review ‘Building Society‘, carried out by Education Scotland, concludes that digital technologies should be firmly placed at the heart of learning and teaching.  This suggests that digital technologies should not just enhance learning, but transform it. The resources in this section are organised and designed to help teachers transform their practice and use technology to make a significant impact on learners’ experiences. These include:

Good Practice – Learn more about technology at the heart of learning, using the SAMR Model to evaluate current practice and keep up to date with the latest good practice in Edinburgh schools and beyond.

Apps for Creativity – At the heart of the technologies is creativity and problem solving. From video tutorials to lesson ideas, use these creative iPad apps to transform the learning in any curricular area.

Creative Web Tools – Promote creativity across the curriculum with web based tools which can be accessed on a PC or Laptop.

Using iPad Sets – Get the best out of the technology available to you and try out some of these ideas for ensuring technology becomes the norm for learners, whether used in group work, assessment and beyond.

Computing in Primary Don’t know where to start with the Computing Science Experiences and Outcomes? Here is a good place, get your head round complicated terms and discover how to teach all stages the fundamental concepts of computational thinking using iPads, computers and “unplugged” resources (pencil and paper!).