Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Meraki

The use of an MDM solution will allow you to remotely apply consistent security policies across all devices in your establishment, in line with CEC guidelines. It will also allow you to remotely manage Apps.

Meraki is a free cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution.

The use of Meraki will assist with:

  • Configuration
  • Basic security
  • App deployment
  • Asset management

Please click to view these documents which will help you set up your iPads and get to grips with your Meraki network:

iPad Setup Guide
Setting up tags, profiles, restrictions and passcodes
Recommended Meraki Settings

Here are the Keynote slides from our Meraki course that may help when enrolling your iPads in Meraki and pushing out apps:

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The video below provides a guide for deploying apps using Meraki (to deploy paid apps you must be signed up for VPP).