LT_OPEN – Connecting to the wireless network

LT_OPEN is the name of the Edinburgh schools’ wireless network that you will connect your iPad to. Using a wireless account to connect your iPad to LT_OPEN means that the connection will be more stable, and you are better able to manage the traffic on your network.

Your iPads should all be connected to LT_OPEN using wireless accounts. You require delegated Admin rights for your school in order to access these. Wireless accounts ‘pair’ with the iPad on first use and cannot be used with any other device after that. Therefore, you can openly publish these details on the iPad in case they ever need to reconnect. Further details of how to set up and manage wireless accounts are available here:

Wireless Account Setup Guide

Sometimes users can experience some difficulties connecting to LT_OPEN on their iPads. Try following our iPad LT_OPEN Guide or watch the help video available here.