Asset Management

It is important that you keep a record of the iPads that your establishment owns so that you can track and monitor them in case of theft or breakages.

We recommend asset managing your devices after initial setup and configuration has been completed.

From Meraki you can download a CSV file which will give you, amongst other things:
• Device name
• Serial number
• Device model
• The owner of the device (if this has been previously assigned)

We recommend that you physically asset tag:
• the iPad
• the iPad case (so it can be easily identified without taking it out of the case)
• the iPad charger
• the iPad wire

You may choose to do this with a metallic sticker, a permanent marker, or any other method that uniquely identifies each iPad and clearly marks it as property of the establishment. iPads should not be deployed in educational establishments unless they are clearly marked as property of the establishment or The City of Edinburgh Council.