Asset Management

It is extremely important to make sure that there is an up-to-date record of all the devices and apps purchased by your school so that you can track and monitor them in case of theft or breakages.

We recommend asset managing your devices after initial setup and configuration has been completed. iPads should not be deployed in educational establishments unless they are clearly marked as property of the establishment or The City of Edinburgh Council.

Keeping Records

You can easily export the information about your hardware from Meraki as a CSV file. This will give you, amongst other things:
• Device name
• Serial number
• Device model
• The owner of the device (if this has been previously assigned)
For more information about this, please see our Meraki section here.

You should also keep a copy of the licences you receive when you buy any apps through VPP (Volume Purchasing Programme). For more information about using VPP, please see here.

Physical Asset Tagging

For security reasons, all school-managed devices should be clearly marked.

You can do this in several ways: UV ink, indelible ink, anti-tamper stickers etc. An example of what this could look like is below, one of our DLT iPads:


Our iPads are tagged with ID Silver Mark – Security Marking by Dantech (pricing and details on their website). You can order directly from them via a non-catalogue request in Oracle. Alternatively, you can order asset tags through XMA via an Oracle non-catalogue request.

As you can see, there is a limited amount of information you can fit on the labels. We opted for our team name, an asset number and our phone number. We bought a batch of 300 labels with 14 characters per line and consecutive numbering 001 – 300 on the first line. The first line of our label is: DIGITALCEC-001. The second is our phone number: 0131 469 2999.

For a less expensive alternative, Avery make a range of no-peel labels that can be purchased via Office Depot. These can be printed out in school and are similar to the BTED stickers on your BT machines. They are slightly less hard-wearing than the Silver Mark stickers.

We recommend that you physically asset tag:
• the iPad
• the iPad case (so it can be easily identified without taking it out of the case)
• the iPad charger
• the iPad wire

Wireless Credentials / Passcodes

As you can see in the photograph, we also stuck the wireless credentials of that individual iPad on the back in case they ever need to be re-entered. This makes it easy for users to re-connect to LT_OPEN if they are having problems with the WIFI network. These credentials will only work when connecting to LT_OPEN and cannot be used outside of City of Edinburgh schools and educational establishments. Obviously, it is not a good idea to write the iPad passcode anywhere on the device or cover.