Emerging technologies, social media and the Internet are an integral part of children’s lives. Whether on a computer, a games console or mobile device, children and young people are increasingly accessing the Internet whenever they can and wherever they are. This has enabled entirely new forms of social interaction to emerge and with it new risks and concerns surrounding Digital Safety.

In order to empower schools to deliver quality Digital Safety education, we are providing a selection of suggested age appropriate curriculum resources. This is designed as a starting point for a Digital Safety Curriculum, which will undoubtedly need to be regularly reviewed to ensure it stays relevant in our constantly changing digital world. It is not designed to be a static document; instead it should be amended to suit each educational establishment, and reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure the resources are still available and relevant.

NB- Throughout this document we have used the term ‘Digital Safety’ to encompass all the issues surrounding the safe use of the Internet, digital media and social media. Ofsted and other organisations use the terms ‘E-Safety’, ‘Internet Safety’ and ‘Online Safety’ to refer to the same.

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