Digital Safety Coordinator

It is strongly recommended that each school should have a named member of staff with responsibility for overseeing Digital Safety across their establishment. This is particularly important in Secondary Schools, where Digital Safety education may be undertaken by a variety of departments and staff.

Schools may choose to combine this with the Child Protection Officer role, the ICT Co-ordinator role or as part of a promoted post remit. It should preferably be a member of staff with good knowledge and understanding of new technologies but does not need to be a technical member of staff.

The Digital Safety Coordinator –

  • Has a leading role in establishing and reviewing the school Digital Safety policies / documents/ programmes of work.
  • Ensures that all staff are aware of the procedures that need to be followed in the event of a Digital Safety incident taking place.
  • Provides training and advice for staff and parents when necessary.
  • Meets regularly with others in the school and community to discuss current issues, review incident logs and filtering.
  • Receives reports of Digital Safety incidents and creates a log of incidents to inform future Digital Safety developments.

(The school will need to decide how these incidents will be dealt with and whether the investigation / action / sanctions will be the responsibility of the Digital Safety Coordinator or another member of staff e.g. Headteacher / Senior Leader / Class teacher etc.)

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