Digital Safety

Do you want to learn more about your Digital Rights?

Do you want to learn more about protecting your privacy?

Do you want to learn more about reporting inappropriate conduct/content?

The links below will provide guidance and support for a range of issues you might encounter whilst using digital technology.

Early and Primary

Digiduck Stories

Engaging online safety stories for children aged 3 – 7


An online adventure that teaches key lessons on internet safety though fun games


A place to help you boss your online life

Childnet Primary

Get online safety advice, watch helpful videos and play quizzes

Young Scot 5 Rights

Check out the 5 digital rights and what they mean to you


Childnet Secondary

A Childnet hub for young people aged 11 – 18

Young Scot 5 Rights

Learn about your 5 rights in the digital world

Top Tips for 11 – 19s

Find films, games, quizzes and advice to help you use the internet responsibly and safely