Microsoft Classroom Pilot Launch

Last Friday a group of teachers visited the Microsoft Offices at Waverley gate in Edinburgh. They had a session led by Anna Kellner of the DLT with Natalie Burgess, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and Andy Nagle, Microsoft Education. They are currently piloting Microsoft Classroom as the first teachers in Scotland to be using it with pupils.

Anna Kellner, Leigh Gilmore, David Sansom, Liz Dighton and Jim Duchart at the Microsoft Offices

Microsoft Classroom is currently in its preview version, so the teachers will be providing valuable feedback to Microsoft about the product before it has its full launch in the near future. The Digital Learning Team are excited about the potential of this product and how it can help teachers and pupils in Edinburgh. We look forward to hearing feedback from our teachers and learning about how Classroom can have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Edinburgh 1:1 Mobile Evaluation

Hull EvaluationIn August 2012, the City of Edinburgh Council commissioned Hull University to evaluate the impact and potential of mobile technologies for learning across our four 1:1 pilot schools. These schools were Broomhouse Primary School, Sciennes Primary School, Forrester High School and Gracemount High School. The evaluation took place over  academic session 2012-2013 and was conducted by Dr Kevin Burden and Dr Trevor Male from the Faculty of Education at Hull University. The evaluation focused on the impact of mobile technologies on teaching and learning, challenges to traditional patterns of teaching and learning and leadership, logistics and infrastructure.

The evaluation is now complete and is available from our website by clicking here.

Some of the key findings of the evaluation:

  • Levels of engagement and motivation amongst students rose across each of the pilot schools
  • Student autonomy was considered to be an immediate benefit arising from the allocation of mobile devices
  • Leadership and visible support from the senior management team was identified as a critical factor in the success and sustainability of the project 
  • The use of personal mobile technologies engaged staff in wider CPD opportunities and activities which changed their attitudes to the use of technology in learning
  • There is evidence that teachers are shifting their practices in ways which might prove to be very significant. These include different patterns and means of communicating with students to support their learning beyond school; changing relationships between students particularly in regard to the traditional knowledge giver role of the teacher; and new models for organising learning such as the ‘flipped classroom’
  • All four schools in this project remain positive and optimistic about the benefits and opportunities to be gained from using mobile devices on a personal basis 

This evaluation will be incredibly useful for any school or establishment interested in, or already implementing, 1:1 mobile learning.

What if every pupil had an iPad?

from Bolton to Los Angeles…

Ever wondered what your school might look like if every pupil had an iPad? Have a look at this video of Essa Academy in Bolton where they’ve done just that, and witnessed a significant improvement in attainment as a result.

Essa Academy’s turnaround has been dramatic. Within two years of the pilot iPod program, the pass rate at the school jumped from 28 percent to 100 percent. Test scores have increased significantly for all students. “Students never walk in the door thinking, ‘It’s going to be a boring day,’” says modern languages teacher Jennifer Greenwood. “They’re excited by all the things we’re doing with iPad, and eager to learn.”

Click here to see the Essa Academy video and further information about iPad in education

And in the news just yesterday – Los Angeles schools do $30 Million iPad deal with Apple…

Los Angeles Unified School District of Education votes to approve common core technology project plan contract with Apple

How green is your Apple?

Apple Environment Pic

We’ve been getting a few questions recently around the green credentials of the iPad, and as we didn’t know the answers we looked them up!

Apple have a lot of information on their website about their environmental performance. They also have detailed information about each product they make and its impact on the environment. To learn more about Apple and the environment click here. To go straight to the iPad product environmental reports use the links below:

The City of Edinburgh Council also has a vision for creating a sustainable city. You can read about the Council’s ‘Sustainable Edinburgh 2020’ vision and framework by clicking here, or watch the video below.

Engage for Education – what have they been up to?

Engage for Education pic

Engage is the Scottish Government’s ground-breaking online project that enables the public and practitioners to discuss education, learning, youth employment and early years policy directly with the Ministers and teams responsible for them. Through our mix of discussions, news and blogs, social media channels and the events we organise or that the Government attends, the focus is on listening to the views and needs of those with an interest in these areas and acting – then communicating those actions to you through our You Said, We Did section.

Click here to go to the Engage for Education website and have your say! Follow Engage for Education on Twitter @engagefored

ICT in Education website update

Gov Edu pic

The ICT in Education section on the Scottish Government website has been updated.  The site now includes sections on the work of the ICT in Education Excellence Group, the ICT in Education Project Implementation Board, the Reference Group and Stakeholder Group, including minutes, remits and members. The site also includes a section on Glow, as well as useful links and contacts including Education Scotland.

The groups plan to update the website regularly with latest news and developments around the Learning ICT programme.

You can also follow the groups on Twitter: