Sciennes Primary School

Sciennes Primary School is running a 1:1 pilot using iPads with a P5 and a P6 class.

You can find some more information on their website HERE or their blog HERE.

The school says…

“The Senior Management Team – Alison Noble, Headteacher, Lucy Gallagher, Acting Depute Headteacher, Carolyn Anstruther, Depute Headteacher and Angela Christie, Business Manager – has been exploring avenues with 1:1 since January 2011 with the eLearning Foundation and City of Edinburgh. We are delighted and privileged to be invited to participate in the, uniquely supported, City of Edinburgh and Scottish Government National 1:1 Pilots which began on 19th April 2012
with a P5 and a P6 class. We believe participation in the pilots will bring direct benefits and opportunities for the pupils and families involved and ultimately our key objective is to maximise opportunities for all our children to have increased access to technology to support their learning, at Sciennes, across the city and beyond.

Sciennes has always been keen to understand and capitalise upon new opportunities for flexible use of technology in learning and teaching. With the forthcoming BT Service Redesign in mind, and with great foresight, our Headteacher, Alison Noble,  invested in a class set of iPads in September 2011.

Wendy French has been a pathfinder in P6 and has successfully cascaded the use of our initial class set of iPads within three P6 and three P7 classes.  Fiona Barker, an IT graduate, accustomed to embedding technology in her classroom, has successfully cascaded use of the shared class set of iPads with her two P5 stage colleagues. Both lead teachers are now fully implementing the 1:1 model at school and at home with their own P6 and P5 pupils. A great deal has been achieved in a short space of time, including innovative use in the curriculum as well as in-depth knowledge about managing the devices.

Curricular Ambitions for Project

  • Associated with being successful learners: enthusiasm, high standards of work, openness to new ideas, peer and self assessment, moderation, literacy, numeracy and ICT, practical use of emerging technologies to support learning and teaching
  • Associated with being effective contributors: enterprise, self-reliance and resilience Associated with being confident individuals: self-respect and emotional well-being, ambition, drive and motivation, presenting to others
  • Associated with being responsible citizens: participation and working with others, care and responsible use of technology

Anticipated Benefits of Pilot

  • Increased motivation in learning and in teaching.
  • Peer and self-assessment and opportunities for moderation. Currently piloting Promethean ActivEngage to support Assessment Is for Learning approaches
  • Better dialogue with parents about ICT for learning at home and in school
  • Increased use of Glow
  • Participation and collaboration
  • Innovative approaches to tasks
  • Active learning
  • Differentiated learning
  • High standards of work
  • Openness to new ideas and approaches
  • Enterprise
  • Pupils have already begun exploring innovative use of the iPads
  • There is an enterprising culture in the school, and the activities with iPads should reinforce that
  • Self-reliance and resilience
  • Self-respect and emotional well-being
  • Ambition
  • Generally the project will benefit if the children and staff are given opportunities to share within class and year group, with the school and beyond