Portobello High School

Portobello High School had been trialling the use of iPads with some staff in preparation for the introduction of a 1:1 scheme with pupils. The pilot has helped them to extend this approach to approximately 70 staff, including the whole leadership team.

The school says…

“The aim of the pilot is to allow staff to become familiar with 1:1 technologies and begin to explore the opportunities to improve the learning and teaching experience in all subject departments.

 Key outcomes:

  • Members of staff have become familiar with the iPad and have been incorporating its use in many aspects of their day to day work.
  • The main impact has been on learning and teaching, although this has been limited by lack of access by pupils to such devices.  They can see the opportunities that mobile technologies can bring and have greatly improved their skills in preparation for the step change that will be the introduction of 1:1 for pupils.  A demand for this access has been created by staff which will help with the smooth introduction of such a scheme.
  • The use of iMovie has brought about greater opportunities for gathering assessment evidence and for its related use, for example, in peer assessment.
  • There have been examples of staff using the iPad for administrative tasks associated with their roles, eg the use of Pages to create professional documents, the use of Keynote for presentations etc.
  • An additional benefit of the pilot has been the creation of professional learning communities within the school as members of staff share their knowledge, skills and new learning.  Collegiality is being developed as staff have led the direction of travel of many aspects of the trial.  Opportunities for distributive leadership are being taken up, such as staff leading CPD sessions on areas of use of common interest.
  • Next steps include staff contributing to a blog to share their learning with the wider school community.   The sharing of documents amongst groups, eg the leadership team, will also be explored to move us closer to being a ‘paperless’ school.

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