Gracemount High School

Gracemout High School is running a 1:1 pilot using Toshiba Windows 7 Netbooks.

Every student in S3 will be given a netbook to use in session 2012/13.

The school says…

“This project aims to enhance the learning and teaching experience for all pupils through the innovative use of 1:1 ICT technologies. We will look at how planning the innovative and immersive use of ICT in learning & teaching can greatly enhance the pupil experience, provide greater pupil personalisation and choice, enhance AIFL and Active Learning strategies, enhance differentiation and improve pupil attainment and achievement.

Our project will provide all new S3 2012/13 pupils with a Netbook which would enable them to access 1:1 ICT throughout the school. Devices will be carried with the pupils and will be permitted to be used at home.

As our new S3 CFE courses are currently being planned there will be an expectation that the use of the new 1:1 devices will be rigorously planned in to each curricular area and lesson planning. This will include linking their use to the technologies we already have for use in the school for example, SmartBoards, Vertables, visualisers, wireless sensor and logging technologies. Lesson planning will also include the use of GLOW resources to enable rigorous links from the classroom to home learning. As pupils will be able to use these devices at home we will be able to make use of innovative home learning methodologies to engage pupil interest in learning and ensure better learning retention through consolidation. In addition meaningful, high-quality resources can be provided to all pupils through the use of websites and GLOW.

We will also make use of the devices in the creation of the S3 CFE Pupil Profile. By having full access to the technology in each class, the pupils will be able to access and update an interactive profile of achievement and self-evaluation throughout their S3.

We will also explore how the use of these devices can remove barriers to learning for those with additional support needs, for example through the use of dyslexic software. This will also enable pupils to set personal settings on their devices which would enable greater access to materials such as text colour, size, and font, screen readers including headphone access and also translation software for EAL students.

Greater parental involvement in learning will be explored through the use of these devices for example, interactive diaries where parents can access their pupils homework, learning and assessment plans, feedback tools for parental comments on classwork, interactive support diaries which parents can access to set targets for pupils in conjunction with staff. In addition we can provide parental support links for example How to Help with Maths Homework, CFE Information and Family Support links in our area.

Key outcomes:

  • Pupils’ engagement and enthusiasm for learning will be improved by their active participation in a more varied learning experience supported by stimulating and engaging resources.
  • Through their access to on-line materials, pupils will be more actively involved in their own learning and will have increased independence and responsibility for what is to be learned, how they will learn and for evaluating learning.
  • All of our pupils will learn more successfully through access to high quality, personalised learning opportunities.
  • Learners will enjoy increased continuity and more opportunities for home learning.
  • Parental involvement in learning will increase.
  • Additional support needs can be more effectively met through the use of personalised technologies.
  • S3 profiles will be interactive, continuous and meaningful documents which can make contribute to increased pupil confidence and achievement.
  • Practical solutions can be found for use of 1:1 technologies across the school in preparation for rolling out devices to the whole school.
  • Protocols for the use of 1:1 technologies in class would be developed with staff, pupils and parents”.