Forrester High School

Forrester High School is running a 1:1 pilot using Toshiba AT100 Android tablets with all incoming S1 pupils.

For more information about the Forrester pilot, please see their Wikispace

The school says…

“All S1 will be issued with a device that can be used in school or at home.  50% funding will be provided by the school.  The intention will be to focus on upskilling staff across the school to deliver improvements in the quality of learning and teaching through active engagement in the use of ICT to support learning.

Staff will be encouraged to innovate and explore new methodologies that enhance and stimulate learners experiences and deliver a richer and more active learning environment.

Students will be required to take greater responsibility for aspects of their own learning and engage more with teachers on a one-to-one level discussing aspects of their learning, through existing social media technologies

A link will be made with Broomhouse Primary who have independently been looking at how they move 1:1 forward.  Both schools will purchase same devices.

Key outcomes:

  • Key staff trained in use and management of devices and systems
  • There will be a strong focus on the impact these devices have on learning processes and the quality and range of pupil outcomes.
  • Evaluation will be ongoing and will inform improvements to future learning and teaching strategies.
  • There will be a focus in evaluation on student motivation and active learning approaches
  • Student material will be delivered digitally and will deliver reductions in print budgets
  • Staff will use new technologies effectively and merge them with our current use of media
  • ICT will be used to overtake difficulties with least able being able to access material for consolidation of learning
  • ICT will enhance students ability to be creative and investigate, problem solve and collaborate with others”.