Broomhouse Primary School

Broomhouse Primary School is running a 1:1 pilot using Toshiba AT100 Android devices with their P7 class.

For more information please take a look at their Wikispace.

The school says…

“The aim is to provide each Primary 6 and 7 pupil with a tablet to use both in and out of school to enhance learning. This is to tie in with Forrester High School who will run a 1:1 pilot with their first year pupils in session 2012/2013. The tablets will be a vehicle for children to independently learn and to enhance the learning and teaching provided by the class teacher. It will act as a mechanism for home school communication. The pilot will help our learners prepare for the future in a safe controlled environment.

This will help the children learn in a way which is more familiar to their needs. The tablets will provide a vehicle for research and creativity. The children will enhance learning more effectively within ICT and have relevant, individual programmes of study on their machines. The tablet will also allow effective home school communication which will allow parents far more insight into their child’s education.

During ‘down’ times in class, the learners will be able to engage with relevant work on the tablet allowing the class teacher more quality time to work with groups / individuals during the school day. The tablet will also allow us to continue to help children with absence issues or if the school is closed for any unexpected reasons”.