Have you met the Adobe Spark family?

Have you seen the great free apps made by Adobe? They have been around a while but have recently been relaunched. They include Adobe Spark Video, Spark Post and Spark Page. The apps are really simple to use, include built in copyright-free icons and images and easy to follow instructions on how to use the apps.

These apps allow pupils and teachers to create beautiful content and are a great way to share learning and teaching. Spark in the Classroom provides inspiration, teacher and pupil created content and lesson plans to get you started. Please feel free to add comments about how you have/might use these in the classroom.


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  1. We love these apps too! My class have used Spark Video to make times tables hints and tricks videos, and Spark Post to make inspirational Growth Mindset posters. Looking forward to using Spark Page this year with P7s.

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