Using iPads to support SEAL @ St John’s

Laura Spears, class teacher at St John’s Primary, worked with the Digital Learning Team to explore how iPads can be used to support SEAL in a P1 classroom. The focus for the lesson was to develop counting strategies for numbers to twenty.

The class has 23 pupils who were organised in to three groups with access to 10 iPads. The groups rotated through three stations, one group teacher led, one games based (supported by iPad) and one independent iPad task.  ChatterPix Kids was used to share the learning intentions with ‘Learning Owl’, a character familiar to the children, as well as to play some counting games. iPads were used to support independent group games with videos to show (and remind) the children how to play them. The videos were extremely simple and quick to make using the built in camera and editing in iMovie (headphones are a must in a busy learning environment!). A number of apps were used to reinforce the concepts taught with Subitize Tree being a firm favourite with the learners and staff! Assessment of this learning could include pupils taking photographs of their work and using Book Creator to talk about how they solved the problems. To support homework, videos of SEAL strategies could be made and linked to homework sheets using Aurasma (find out more here).