Creating a course in iTunes U

Guided access piciTunes U is an iPad app where you can create a course and deliver it to your pupils. Pupils are able to submit homework and staff can use a built in gradebook to store marks. Staff can access all the resources on the iTunes store and the materials on iTunes U.
iTunes U works best when every pupil in the class has an Apple device.

Click on the icon or here to see the step-by-step guide.


  1. Hi
    This reminded me of a question I wanted to ask some time ago. Are we at liberty to create a school account on iTunes U to serve all the staff in Holy Rood?

    1. Hi Lee,
      There already is an Edinburgh Digital Learning network. Please email the digital mailbox with Apple IDs of staff who would like to be added to the instution.
      Once they are part of the institution teachers can have courses with more than 50 pupils and be instructors on more than 12 courses.

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