Free trial of 2Simple Software for Edinburgh Schools

2Simple software is a UK-based company with over 15 years experience of making educational software for use in the primary classroom. Following on from a demonstration hosted by Hillwood PS this week, the company have offered a free trial for any Edinburgh school that would like to try out their online resources (Purple Mash) for free until Christmas.

What is Purple Mash and Serial Mash?

Purple Mash is a comprehensive, online suite of creative, cross-curricular resources. It contains more than 1000 ready-made writing frames with support built in, such as writing prompts, sentence starters, and check lists. Purple Mash also enables children to make graphs, spreadsheets, collaborative databases, animations, 3D computer games, mind-maps, design and print their own nets, etc. It can all be accessed from home as well as in school.
Serial Mash is a collection of gripping and fast paced fiction books, serialised into chapters. For each chapter, there are comprehension and writing activities for children to do on the computer and on paper.

What’s the offer?

All Edinburgh schools can register to access the materials for free from now until the Christmas holidays. After Christmas, schools who would like to keep up their subscription, will be offered a 50% discount until the end of June 2016.

As part of the promotion, Serial Mash will  be included for free (usually £200) and schools can  buy premium modules for half-price (usually £200). Please note – there is no obligation to continue your subscription after the free trial ends.

How do we apply to take part?

If your school is interested in taking part, please contact the Digital Learning Team ( and we will pass your details on to Anthony Wootten, our 2Simple representative.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about 2Simple, Purple Mash and Serial Mash, please see their website by clicking here.