iPad in the Classroom Twilight

Last Monday evening saw the first of our ‘iPad in the Classroom’ sessions for this year, with over 30 teachers coming along looking for inspiration and practical tips on using iPads effectively in their teaching and learning.

Some of the apps that teachers tried out were Padlet, Lego Movie Maker, Popplet, Chatterpix Kids, Decide Now!, Book Creator, Pic Collage and Adobe Voice. It was a very hands-on session with participants working in groups to complete activities using their iPads. Teachers were also encouraged to discuss how they could modify these tasks so that they could be used across different stages and curricular areas.

From the course, here is an example of a simple animation made with Lego Movie Maker exploring the concept of division:


  1. I wanted to sign up for this but have had no reply if there are spaces. Please advise me if I can come and give me the dates.
    Cheers Mary

  2. Hi Mary, this session was booked out but we are planning to run more like this so keep an eye out for our next CPD email.

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