Using Aurasma in the Classroom

Aurasma is a free app which uses Augmented Reality technology to bring an extra dimension or overlay to otherwise static images in the form of an “Aura”. Simply use the app to create a “trigger’ which when scanned links with an “Aura” which can be in the form of a photograph, video or work created in another app such as iMovie or Adobe Voice.

St Mary’s have used Aurasma to bring displays to life around the school…

Aurasma and other forms of AR technology have quickly surpassed the QR Code and is increasingly adopted by multinational companies to promote their products. Educators use Aurasma to bring interactivity to traditional 2D displays, embedding its use in learning and teaching. To get started with Aurasma click here, for further support look at Classroom Uses of Aurasma and more Augmented Reality Resources.

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