Apps for Assessment

board-361516_1280There are some great apps to make assessment and timely feedback easier for teachers- the following are just a few! Baiboard HD is a fantastic, free, collaborative whiteboard tool. You can set up a session with multiple slides, go live and invite pupils to join by simply entering a code (no passwords required). Pupils are then able to respond in real time, allowing you to see very quickly who is or is not understanding the concepts you are trying to teach. Feedback can be typed, written and pictures can be sent instantly. This is a particularly great tool for classrooms with just one iPad per group.

Plickers is a great, free app which can be used in a classroom with just one iPad! It collects real time data which is great for quizzes, voting, evaluation of personal performance and much more. To find out how to use it and some ideas for classroom use click take a quick look at the early years and “Minds in Bloom” blog.

Creative apps can be used by pupils to display their learning. Apps such as ExplainEverything and Showme enable pupils to explain concepts. Book Creator, iMovie, Adobe Voice, Puppet Pals and Piccolage are particularly powerful apps which allow multimedia to be used to display individual and group learning as a culmination of a project or concept.

Below is an example of how Book Creator might be used to collect assessment and examples of work and pupil reflection over the course of a term or year.