Sciennes Primary – the 1:1 iPad classroom

Sciennes Primary was part of the City of Edinburgh 1:1 pilot scheme which began in March 2012. Then in P5, one of the current P7 classes has experienced the use of iPads for the entire period, with all pupils in P7 now experiencing 1:1 at school and home. Before moving on to high school some pupils from each of the P7 classes have had the opportunity to reflect on the use of the iPad and the impact on their learning.

Fiona Barker, Wendy French and Forrest Howie, P7 teachers, have normalised the use of iPads in teaching and learning and the children view them as indispensable to their learning. The P7 pupils talk positively of the impact on their ability to be creative and use apps that best support their learning. Online sharing space allows the class to receive work and files that flip traditional learning. This space is used to store work and receive feedback in an online environment. The children enjoy the ability to edit work instantly, create high quality pieces and share these with their families at home.

The pupils view technology as “the key to the future” and realise how innovative their teachers, and they as learners, have been able to be in a 1:1 learning environment. Take a look at the following video which captures a snapshot of the pupils’ learning journey with iPads.