Using QR Codes – Tollcross Primary School

What is a QR code?

A QR (Quick ReQR Codesponse) Code is a two-dimensional barcode which stores information, this can be basic text, pictures, video files or a link to a website. When scanned by a mobile device, with a QR reader, this data becomes available on the device. Many QR readers are available in the App Store. Also,, and allow you to generate your own QR codes for free.

Tollcross Primary School QR Code and Outdoor PE Project

Using funding provided by Education Scotland Tollcross Primary School has developed a technologies project focused on enhancing core skills in PE. Children worked collaboratively to plan a route of activity stations with three levels of difficulty at each. The groups created QR codes which, when scanned, provide instructions on the movements which should be carried out. This project has been a great learning experience for the children involved. They have been motivated by the use of iPads and iPod Touches as part of their learning, worked collaboratively with one another and received, and acted upon, feedback from other local primary school children.

The project was highly commended at the Edinburgh Education Awards and is a finalist for the Scottish Education Awards for creativity. Visit the school blog to find out more. For lots more ideas about using QR codes in the classroom click here.