New BBC Bitesize for National 4 and 5

Bitesize_sqa_national5_bigBBC Learning have launched new BBC Bitesize content to support learners taking new National 4/5 qualifications this year.

Packed with quizzes, videos and infographics, these guides are available on mobile, tablet and desktop and will help you get to grips with the new qualifications.

The new material comprises nearly 5000 pages, more than 7000 infographics, 2000 photos and over 500 new quizzes, presented alongside thousands of educational video clips, mapped to the curriculum. Bitesize_sqa_national4_big

The launch of the National 4 and 5 content is the latest step in the new BBC Knowledge and Learning online product, which when complete will bring together factual and learning content from over 100 existing BBC websites, from Bitesize and Food to Science and History.  It’s a great free resource so check it out!