What if every pupil had an iPad?

from Bolton to Los Angeles…

Ever wondered what your school might look like if every pupil had an iPad? Have a look at this video of Essa Academy in Bolton where they’ve done just that, and witnessed a significant improvement in attainment as a result.

Essa Academy’s turnaround has been dramatic. Within two years of the pilot iPod program, the pass rate at the school jumped from 28 percent to 100 percent. Test scores have increased significantly for all students. “Students never walk in the door thinking, ‘It’s going to be a boring day,’” says modern languages teacher Jennifer Greenwood. “They’re excited by all the things we’re doing with iPad, and eager to learn.”

Click here to see the Essa Academy video and further information about iPad in education

And in the news just yesterday – Los Angeles schools do $30 Million iPad deal with Apple…

Los Angeles Unified School District of Education votes to approve common core technology project plan contract with Apple