iPad Apps for Game Design

Looking for an App to cover the programming and control technologies CfE outcomes?

sketch nation

SketchNation is a fantastic resource which allows learners to create their own games. Backgrounds, platforms and players can be added either through your photo library or an in App drawing.

With both Simple and Advanced modes, this program is easy to use, making it ideal for pupils of all ages.

Creating an account allows you to share your game with others and you can even create a stand alone App and submit it to iTunes for possible release!

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur allows children to create simple games and solve challenges using basic commands.

This App is an excellent introduction to programming, with the colourful graphics and intuitive drag and drop interface appealing to younger pupils.

Hopscotch HD logo

Hopscotch HD is Daisy the Dinosaur’s big brother. Developed by the same company, it takes the same programming principles to the next level.

With many more choices, this software will suit older users and motivate them with the more complex options available.

The best thing about all of these Apps? They’re free! So download them now and get creating.

Click here to see SketchNation in iTunes.

Click here to see Daisy the Dinosaur in iTunes.

Click here to see Hopscotch HD in iTunes.