iPads in the Classroom – London Knowledge Lab report

iPad Report PicThe London Knowledge Lab, in collaboration with the Institute of Education at the University of London, recently published its ‘What the research says’ report ‘iPads in the Classroom’ by Wilma Clark and Rosemary Luckin.

The report is based on global research, including the ‘iPad Scotland Evaluation Study‘ that Sciennes Primary School took part in, and seeks to explore 1) if we know enough to demonstrate if, how and when iPads support learning 2) the key ideas from the literature on the effective use of iPads and other post-PC tablet devices and 3) the implications of tablet technologies for school leaders, network managers, teachers, learners and their parents.

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As the report states: “No technology has an impact on learning in its own right; rather, its impact depends on how it is used… The question that should be asked is not ‘Can iPads support learning?’ but rather ‘How can iPads be used to support collaborative learning, or exploratory learning’, or whatever…”

The report takes an in-depth look at how the iPad can enhance the learning experience and transform teaching practice. From the executive summary (p2) “Research suggest that the adoption and use of iPads in and beyond the classroom allows students to augment and enhance their learning in ways that were previously not possible or not easy to do so.”

The report also states that “Successful implementation of tablet technologies in schools requires careful, long-term planning before, during and after the event.” Please see our 1:1 Toolkit for help with this!

Throughout the report the authors also highlight other tablet devices and their place in the educational tablet landscape. If you are thinking about, or already have, iPads or other tablet technology to enhance the learning experience then this report is well worth a read.