What is a MOOC? (and why would I want to know?)

MOOC = Massive Open Online Course

Why do I want to know this? For your own personal and professional development. Watch the video below to find out more. (If you’d rather read about it you can by clicking here, but to be honest the video does the trick…)

(Thanks to Dave Cormier for the video @davecormier)

For learners, and especially learners who are also busy educators, MOOCs are really exciting. We’ve grown used to learning online using YouTube, Khan Academy, podcastsiTunes U, and TED, for example. We’re used to these resources being available online whenever we need them. Coursera.org works with some of the world’s top universities to offer courses online, for free.

Our own Edinburgh University has joined the MOOC movement and is now offering a number of different MOOCs open to anyone and everyone. You may be interested in this one on ‘e-Learning and Digital Cultures‘. The Open University is beginning to offer MOOCs (I thought it already did? Yes, but remember these MOOC ones are free…) through an enterprise called futurelearn.com. You can also check out this list of MOOCs.

MOOCs will also appeal to our young people by offering a taste of further and higher education, covering a wide range of subjects that may not be available locally, giving opportunities for those unable to attend courses in person, connecting with a global community, the list goes on…

So spread the word, get involved and send us a picture of your certificate!

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