Nearpod App for iPad


Nearpod is being billed as ‘an all in one solution for the synchronised use of iPads in the classroom’. It allows teachers to create presentations and add interactive content such as; 

  • slides with text and pictures,
  • polls to survey the class on the spot,
  • questions that pupils can respond to and the teacher can review instantly,
  • quizzes for assessment,
  • video,
  • draw it- which allows pupils to draw an image, submit to the teacher, and the teacher can select ones to share with the class.
  • websites

The teacher creates an account online which allows them to make or download presentations. These are then shared with pupils through the use of a simple 5 letter pin code. Children do not need to register or use a complicated log in , making this App suitable for pupils of all ages. The teacher controls what the pupil is seeing and can quickly and easily see responses to the interactive features and choose to share them with the class.

For further information, visit the nearpod website