Whose Town

Glow is home to Whose Town? a fantastic innovative resource for teaching social studies, developed by Edinburgh City Libraries. It is a fun and interactive digital resource which brings Edinburgh’s history to life. Built on the City of Edinburgh’s heritage collections, it is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence second, third and fourth levels.

Whose Town? looks at Edinburgh and Scotland’s past from 1850s to the 1950s through the eyes of people who lived there. There are 14 real lives to discover who lived in Victorian times, at the beginning of the twentieth century, during the Second World War and in the Fifties. Archival material is collected in a digital box and hidden in an attic for pupils to uncover and examine. Each life is captured at a particular point in history, creating a snapshot of their life: a Life in a Box.

Why not go back to school with Nancy and find out about evacuation and air raid drills in Wartime Edinburgh? Or perhaps, take a trip back to the 1950s and listen to Bill, a teenager remembering his time at Leith Academy? Compare your classes’ summer holidays with the holidays Florence spent with her Victorian family by the East Lothian seaside. Today’s Olympic cycling sensations would hardly recognise Tram driver Hugh’s bike, but this was his favourite and reliable mode of transport. You can discover how Hugh got around his city and see how the outlying areas of Edinburgh have changed.

Inside Whose Town? you’ll find over 450 unique and original documents in digital format for topic and skills based work. Maps, newspaper articles, photographs, objects, documents, video and audio clips and even the bits and bobs that everyone collects are all used to bring a person’s history to life. Whose Town? also contains a wealth of support materials for teachers from lesson plans to ideas on how to use archival materials in the classroom.

Whose Town? is available to all Glow users and can be found by searching for the Whose Town? Glow Group, from the National Glow Site Noticeboard or simply add our handy shortcut to your favourites – http://tinyurl.com/whosetown .

For more information or to request a free Whose Town? CD contact the Digital and Information Team at Central Library in Edinburgh on 0131 242 8047 or email informationdigital@edinburgh.gov.uk. Finally, follow our special Whose Town? blog (https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/ce/WhoseTown/) to keep up to date with education news from Edinburgh City Libraries.