iBooks Author – Book Publishing App for Mac

iBooks Author is an App for the Mac that allows you to create wonderful multi-touch books for the iPad. Alongside text you can include galleries, video, sound, 3D objects and other interactive elements that will bring your book to life. Many teachers, students (and publishers) are now creating and sharing books and textbooks using iBooks Author. The Digital Learning Team have created a few books using iBooks Author and can report that it was very easy to do! Click here to see our post on a book created using iBooks Author.

Once you have created your book it can be synced to be read on your iPad, emailed to students and opened in iBooks, posted online to be downloaded by those browsing on a device that can read iBooks or even submitted to the iBookstore. Books can also be exported in pdf and plain text format.

Accessibility features such as VoiceOver technology and descriptions for movies and audio are built in to iBooks Author.

Click here to view iBooks Author in the App Store (Macs running Lion only – see note below)

N.B. This App is only available for Macs running OS 10.7.2 (Lion) or later. If you have bought a Mac for school in the last year which is not connected to the BT Network and is running Lion, or you have a Mac at home running Lion you can install this app. Macs connected to the BT Network in Edinburgh running OS 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 will not be able to install iBooks Author. However – after the ICT refresh has been completed, any Mac that you have upgraded to Lion will be able to run this app. Look out for iBooks Author training opportunities for 2012/13 in the CPD Directory