The SAMR Model – Enhancing Technology Integration

The SAMR Model was introduced by Ruben Puentedura in 2006 in collaboration with the Maine Department of Education and their learning technology initiative. The model describes the life cycle of technology integration. It is a good framework to refer to when reflecting on how well we use technology to enhance learning.

In the first two stages, labelled substitution and augmentation, technology acts as a direct substitute for the original tool, with either no or little functional change or improvement. In the third and fourth stages, labelled modification and redefinition, technology allows for modification of the task through to complete redefinition – the technology allows for a completely new learning experience.

It’s ok to use technology as substitution – the example given is using Google Earth instead of an atlas. But can we move from substitution and augmentation through to modification and redefinition? As we continue to integrate technology in our learning and teaching it’s important to keep this thought in our mind and aim for that transformational change.