Augmented Reality in Science: Elements 4D

Daqri have created a a great app which introduces the elements of the periodic table in an engaging way. Using six cubes, which can be printed and assembled for free, and the 20150206_110723000_iOSElements 4D app pupils will see elements come to life like never before. More recently the company have developed a series of lessons suitable for upper primary and high school pupils which demonstrate how the app can be used for curricular purposes. There is an elementary, middle and high school series of lessons available for you to try out in your classroom!

20150206_110741000_iOSA particularly powerful feature of the app occurs when two elements are allowed to react e.g. when Sodium and Chlorine triggers are placed next to each other they display the new compound, Sodium Chloride (salt). If you find this app useful in the classroom you may also like to try Anatomy 4D which brings some of the systems of the human body to life.

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Sumdog Competition 2015

Sumdog-StarsSumdog’s first Edinburgh maths contest of 2015 will start Friday March, 13 and will run until the following Thursday! It’s free to take part and there are prizes to be won! It will take around an hour, and as students play online they can compete in school or at home.

In order to join in the fun, teachers can enter their class here. For questions, contact

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Raspberry Pi @ St Peter’s Primary

IMG_0722Last session P4 at St Peter’s Primary took part in the ‘Hour of Code’ and submitted the project to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They were successful in winning five Raspberry Pis and, with the support of a parent, are exploring programming using Python during a lunchtime computer club.

What is Raspberry Pi and how might you use it?

When introduced to the Pi learners at St Peter’s started with the basics. This included how to assemble the Pi and as it is so small the pupils were able to see all the components that make a computer work. They then learned to connect and ‘boot’ the Pi and navigate the interface.

IMG_0725This  led to the use of the free Minecraft program, Minecraft Pi. Pupils were very excited and motivated by this environment. They were taught how to use Python to carry out building tasks. Once this was mastered the pupils learned to edit and run a Python script to build and customise the size and building materials of a castle. They then learned to control the Python execution using conditional statements. By using their knowledge of Python the children are now able to bypass creating new worlds each time and much prefer working together to create castles and then demolish them with explosives! You can find out more about Raspberry Pi here and use these lesson plans to get you started. If you are keen to get a code club started in your school and don’t have the expertise Code Club connects schools with volunteer programmers, who are keen to support schools for free.

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Microsoft Office FREE for all Edinburgh pupils and staff

imagesMicrosoft Student & Staff Advantage is now available to all Edinburgh pupils and all learning & teaching staff. This means that all learning & teaching users can now download Microsoft Office for PC, Mac and iPad for free. All that is needed to download and activate this software is the user’s Office 365 account details. Open the flyer below for more information.

Office for staff and pupils (PDF)

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Safer Internet Day Resources

2738451853_6e0015ef91_zSafer Internet Day is on February 10th 2015. This is a great time to raise the awareness of digital safety and engage both children and parents in keeping safe online. The Safer Internet Centre UK have created some useful teaching packs for primary and secondary pupils as well as information for parents. These include lesson plans and resources for whole school assemblies. For a whole school, longer term approach to digital safety please see our curriculum planner which covers a progression and links to resources from 3-18.

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Safer in 7 Seconds – Privacy Settings and Social Media

social-349568_640inEQE Group have created free ‘How to be ‘h2b’ safer‘ 7 second instructional videos. These videos demonstrate how to enable privacy settings, block users and report abuse on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The instructions are quick, easy and include details for a number of platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android and web based sites. These videos are useful for pupils, parents and teaching and learning staff using social media.

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CPD Jan – March 2015

CPD coverThe latest courses offered by the Digital Learning Team can be seen here.

Please note that the Apple Professional Development(APD) courses are bookable directly from the links below the course details.

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